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1.   What documents will my spouse in the Philippines need to bring to your office?

 a.. Certified true copy of her/his birth certificate.
(The copy must have the original stamp/seal of a certified true copy)

If no birth certificate exists you must submit the following:
a. Certificate of non-record of birth
This can be obtained from either the Local Civil Registrar or the National Statistics Office (N.S.O).
b. Baptismal certificate

Note: Male and female Filipino applicants must be over the age of 18 to be eligible for marriage.

2. Q:What documents will I need to bring to your office?
For American, European and other nationals:
You will need to bring you passport, birth cirtificate, single status, divorce Paper, legal capacity to contract marriage (usually obtained from your consulate).

For Japanese Nationals
1. Koseki Tohon - Japanese Family register
2. Rikontodoke - Divorce paper

Note: Once you arrive in the Philippines you should immediately go to your embassy to apply for the 'Legal Capacity to Marry'. Make sure you bring the documents listed above.

3. My partner was previously married. Can we still get married?
If your Filipina partner was previously married, you will not be able to apply for your marriage license until the previous marriage is legally anulled (legal divorce). Visit the links page for helpful links and resources related to this topic.

4. What is a marriage annulment?
In the philippines the term divorce is not used, the term annulment is used instead.

5. What is the certificate of 'legal capacity to contract marriage'?
The certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage is a certificate issued by your consulate, proving that you have no legal impediments to contract marriage with your Filipina partner. For example, your consulate could not issue you the certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage if were already married, it would be a legal impediment to getting married.

6. How do I get the legal capacity to contract marriage?
You will need to go to your embassy with your birth cirtificate, passport, and other documents proving that you have no impediments that would prevent you from getting married in the Philippines. It is best to contact your embassy directly for precise requirements. Visit our links and useful resources.

7. Why should I get started on my marriage license before I arrive in the Philippines?
You should get started on your paperwork early, to prevent long delays that could prevent you from receiving true certified copies of your marriage certificate, and to save you the hassle of trying to organize you and your partner's paperwork while in philippines (waiting in lines, waiting for paperwork to be issued, driving around to various government offices, searching for a solemnizing officer etc.).

8.  I had a previous marriage in my country of origin, can I still get married?
You can, as long as you can prove that you have been divorced or legaly separated from your previous partner. For US citizens, you will need to get an affidavit from your embassy proving that you have no legal impediments to contract marriage.

9. Where can my partner apply for an annulment?
Because divorce is not permitted in Philippines, your partner will need to prove in a Philippine court of law that she/he has legal grounds for the annulment of her/his previous marriage. Visit links section for useful resources related to this topic.

10. Do schedule a solemnizing officer for our marriage?
Yes. No matter what your religion is, we will schedule a solemnizing officer who will solemnize your marriage.

11. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Philippine Pesos, US Dollars, and credi cards.

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See also Family code of the Philippines

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